- Remove snow from branches with excessive weight to prevent damage.
- Inspect trees and shrubs for storm damage.
- Prune ornamental & shade trees. Branch structure visibility is easily noticeable and insects   diseases are inactive.
- Hire a professional to take care of any tree removals. Removing trees while the ground is   frozen minimizes the impact and potential damage to sensitive areas of gardens and lawns.


- Schedule to have fruit bearing trees pruned before bud break.
- Continue to remove snow from low, unprotected trees and shrubs.
- This is a great time to plan for the upcoming spring season – Are you re-landscaping your   yard, building a new garage, or any other changes to your property that will affect surrounding   trees or shrubs?


- Begin removing protective coverings and winter mulch.
- If you noticed problems from the previous year such as scale, aphids, or mites. Schedule a   treatment to prevent damage for the upcoming season.
- Prune and repair winter damaged trees and shrubs.
- Dormant oil spray or injection can help to control overwintering insects before they hatch.


- Begin spring fertilization program for trees and shrubs, which will help relieve soil compaction   promote healthy new root development.
- Finish pruning trees and shrubs that are susceptible to fungus problems.
- A good time to finish cleaning up old leaves around trees and shrubs. That can carry disease   and harbor overwintering insects.
- Mulch around trees and shrubs to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.
- Schedule for early plant health care program to help manage damaging insects and diseases on   your trees and shrubs.


- Check for insect and disease damage on trees and shrubs.
- Recognize and manage insect and disease activity.
- Schedule tree or shrub removal.


- Implement a watering schedule for all plants to help prevent drought stress.
- Damaging insects can be very active at this time. Call if you detect trouble.
- Be careful not to wound trees with lawn mowers and trimmers.
- Prune evergreens after new growth has elongated.

July/ August

- Look for drought stress. Signs include foliage wilting or curling.
- Recognize and manage insect and disease activity.
- Prune ornamentals, shade trees, and shrubs.
- Recognize any early fall color as an indicator of plant stress and low plant vigor.
- Keep fruit trees nourished and watered during summer months.
- Identify potentially hazardous trees.
- Prune ornamentals, shade trees, and shrubs.


- Inspect trees for premature leaf drop.
- Continue watering trees and shrubs until ground freezes.
- Start fall liquid fertilization of shrubs and trees to promote feeder root growth.
- Begin fall cleanup.


- Verify power and telephone lines are clear of branches before severe weather arrives. Always   consult a professional arborist when dealing with electrical wires.
- Be sure to rake up and dispose of leaves to prevent possible spread of disease.
- Prune, brace, and cable trees to prevent winter damage.
- Winter protection for trees and shrubs with anti-desiccants / Vapor Guard.
- Continue fall fertilization program until ground is frozen. Fall is the optimal time to fertilize most   trees and shrubs especially Birch and Maple trees.


- Check for signs of potentially hazardous trees before winter: heavy deadwood, cavities, and   exposed or damaged roots.
- Implement winter protection program.
- Begin dormant pruning.


- Remove snow from tree branches and shrubs so the weight does not break them.
- Keep salt away from plants and planting beds.
- Remove dead and damaged limbs from trees with maintenance pruning.
- Prune ornamental and shade trees to prevent storm damage.


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