Tree & Shrub Pruning

Why prune your trees and shrubs? The benefits are numerous. Pruning helps to promote and maintain health. Pruning is done by removing branches that rub together, are dead, damaged, infected by disease, or suffers from insect infestation. Regular pruning also promotes the esthetic value of your plants by encouraging flowering, increasing density of foliage, and maintaining the desired shape and size. Finally, managed pruning helps to prevent injuries and property damage by improving branch structure and removing weak limbs before they can fall to the ground.

Using modern equipment, trained personnel, and state of the art techniques, we maintain and beautify your valuable shade trees, ornamentals, and evergreens. We apply these same skills to managing your landscape plants. Properly pruned trees and shrubs are pleasing to the eye, healthier, and add equity to your home and landscape.

Cabling to Stabilize Tree Limbs

Have you ever wondered why trees fall apart? Over grown trees are especially prone to the development of structural weaknesses. Although not always initially obvious, weaknesses can progress as the tree grows over time. Such trees are commonly damaged during storms.

Weak crotches can break sending entire limbs to the ground. This can result in the harm of a person or pet, and can also result in expensive property damage if the limb lands on your house or car. Therefore, it is very important to inspect your trees annually to ensure their health and structural integrity.

Finding damage does not necessarily mean that the tree or limb must be removed. Properly installed cables can stabilize tree limbs and prevent them from splitting away. This is especially important for large trees around houses and other high-value "targets."

Safe and Professional Tree Removal

Some trees need to be removed because they are dying, dead, or have damage that makes them a hazard. This can be a result of disease, insect infestation, storm damage, age, or because they have just grown too large for their surroundings.

Getting large trees down safely and efficiently is an art form. Many tree removals require qualified arborists because of their proximity to buildings, power lines, or roadways. Due to the risk to people and property it is very important that you do not attempt to remove such trees yourself.

We can help you decide if and when trees need to be removed. When the time arrives that a large tree needs to come down, we are ready to do the work and ensure that the job is done professionally, and above all safely.

Cable and Utility Line Clearing

Our highly skilled crews and bucket trucks allow us to safely work around electrical and cable lines, including line clearing.

Stump Grinding

Bullinger Tree Service has two different sized stump grinders that literally shred stumps away. Our “big cutter” is used to remove large stumps and those that are easily accessible. For those hard to get to stumps, we use our “small cutter” that is able to fit thru 36" gates. Grinding stumps on your property will Improve curb appeal, increase property value, remove hazards and you will have the ability to replant trees within the general area.

Disease & Pest Management

The presence of insects and disease on your trees and shrubs is more often a result of some other problem affecting your plants which is making them vulnerable to attack. In most situations, healthy, vigorous, well maintained plants are resistant to outbreaks of insects and disease.

Although some pests (many non-native) attack healthy plants, it is more the exception than the rule. Many factors influence the presence of disease and pests in your landscape:
Host plant/species
Site conditions
Environmental stress, such as drought
Past pruning practices
Current plant health
History of pesticide use
Management of insect pests and disease rarely relies on a single control practice. At Bullinger Tree Service we implement a variety of management techniques to keep your plants healthy and vigorous, and thus more resistant to pests and diseases, including the use of eco-friendly chemical control when necessary. In general, applying fewer chemicals on your trees and shrubs makes your landscape safer for your family and the environment. Sometimes, however, the use of pesticides is the best option for controlling a disease or pest problem. We always incorporate safe, alternative chemical control methods.

Trunk & Soil Systemic Injections

Trunk injection of trees is a way to treat many different insect and disease problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Direct trunk injection is an alternative way to deliver insecticides, fungicides, and nutrients into plants. Some trees are too large to spray, are in areas too close to houses, parks, water courses, or others are in environmentally sensitive areas where spraying is not a viable option. The root system could also be inaccessible for soil systemic treatments, making trunk injection the best or only option available in such cases. Some of the common insect, disease, and nutrient problems that can be treated by trunk injection include, but may not be limited to:
Bronze Birch Borer on birch trees
Elm Bark Beetle and Elm Leaf Beetle on elm trees
Various types of borers and bark beetles on pines, spruce, firs, and cedars, aphids and plant bugs on many different types of trees
Ash/Lilac borer on ash trees, anthracnose on sycamores
Dutch Elm Disease on American elms
Iron chlorosis on maples
Other micro nutrient deficiencies in many other types of trees

Fertilization for Optimal Growth

Landscape trees and shrubs need periodic fertilization in order to maintain optimal growing conditions. Although in the wild this is not necessary, our modern home construction approaches result in a loss of top soil or compacting of the earth, which can reduce drainage and aeration. By failing to fertilize your trees and shrubs you are not giving them all of the nutrition that they require to thrive.

We use a combination of complete slow-release fertilizer and organic amendments to provide the nutrients for proper growth and root development. Our method involves injecting liquid slow-release fertilizer into the soil directly at the roots. This ensures an even distribution throughout the root zone and increases air exchange in the soil.

We would be happy to work with you to establish a soil fertility regime that provides the maximum benefit for all of your trees and shrubs. Let us handle the worry, and you just enjoy sitting in the shade.

Winter Burn Protection

Winter burn injury is leaf damage caused by cold winds that dry out the leaves of evergreens. Bullinger Tree Service offers the products needed that can reduce this injury when used properly. The products create a barrier over the pores in the leaves which allows the plant to breath but reduces water loss through transpiration (daily leaf sweating). Anti-desiccants are not only used when transplanting trees and shrubs. Winter burn injury can take place whenever the soil freezes and wintery winds blow drawing moisture from leaves. Plant roots cannot uptake water from frozen soil to replace the losses experienced in the leaves. The longer these conditions exist, the more moisture is lost and death of leaf tissue results. Therefore, plants that hold their leaves (evergreens) over the winter are vulnerable.

The location of plants in the landscape is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to apply an anti-desiccant. Windy sites are obviously more prone to this type of damage than protected locations. Soil moisture is also a factor.

To prevent winter burn injury Bullinger Tree Service can apply an anti-desiccant in late December and again in late January. One late fall application is not enough. Generally these products are applied to the foliage as a liquid.


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